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Your property closing professionals in Lonoke, AR

At Central Arkansas Title & Insurance LLC in Lonoke, AR we value our customers and continually work to maintain them through consistent, responsible and knowledgeable service. It is our goal to create a network of support among our clients and our associates. We can answer your title and property closing questions. Get in touch with our friendly staff today!

Who we work with

  • Consumers 
  • Businesses 
  • Lenders and Brokers 
  • Realtors 
  • Government 
  • Attorneys 
  • Appraisers 
  • Surveyors 
  • Investors 
  • Mortgage brokers and bankers 
  • Relocation companies 
  • Pension & investment managers
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Residential closing

Family happy with our property closing service in Lonoke, AR
Central Arkansas Title & Insurance LLC's experienced and reliable residential team is dedicated to providing the attention to detail and excellent customer service needed to ensure your transaction closes as quickly and efficiently as possible.
As your trusted advisor, we will work closely with you in order to customize our service to suit the specific needs of each transaction. It is our goal to provide consistent communication to all parties during a property closing and to create an exceptional experience from contract to close. Contact us in Lonoke today to speak with one of our advisors.
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Commercial closing

Business owner going over property closing documents in Lonoke, AR
Our commercial team in Lonoke has the knowledge and expertise to handle your most complex commercial transactions, ranging from multi-family, office, retail, condominium, industrial properties and land acquisitions, to construction loans and more.
We are dedicated to giving every transaction personal attention and exceptional service in order to ensure a successful, accurate and efficient closing. At Central Arkansas Title & Insurance LLC we wish to make your property closing as stress-free as possible. Contact us today for an appointment.
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Product & services

Signing property closing transaction in Lonoke, AR
Some of the property closing and related services provided by Central Arkansas Title & Insurance LLC are:
  • Title Insurance 
  • Escrows 
  • 1031 Exchanges 
  • Assessment Searches 
  • Mortgage Name Searches 
  • Document Recording 
  • Property Reports 
  • Flood Searches 
  • Real Estate Loan Processing 
  • Easements  
  • Foreclosures 
  • Lien Search
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Types of loan options

Are you getting ready to buy a home? Have you been exploring your financing options? Before you start shopping for a home, you need to figure out what you can afford to buy. Then you need to determine the type of home loan or mortgage that is right for you. We’re here to help, together with:
  • FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association - "Fannie Mae") 
  • FHLMC (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation - "Freddie Mac") 
  • GNMA (Government National Mortgage Association - “GInnie Mae”) 
  • RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation) 
  • HUD (Housing and Urban Development) 
  • FHA/VA (Federal Housing Administration) / (Veterans Administration)
When it comes to mortgage loans, another term “conventional loan” is used. Conventional loans are those that aren’t insured by a government agency such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Rural Housing Service (RHS), or the Veterans Administration (VA). Are you ready to start the journey toward buying your new home? For more information on the various loan options and what they mean for you contact us today at (501) 676-2486. We will be happy to answer your questions.
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